Froddo Ankles Pink 20-37
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Froddo Ankles Pink 20-37

Original price was: 68.20 €.Current price is: 49.90 €. z vključenim DDV.

  • extremely light and flexible,
  • sole of 100% natural rubber,
  • removable antibacterial cartridge,
  • natural leather of certified European suppliers.
  • Outer part: leather
  • Inner part: textual lining


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Opis produkta

Froddo Ankles Pink 20-37

Froddo ankles pink 20-37:

  • thin and flat sole without elevated heel,
  • made of soft and natural leather for airiness and comfort-Terra cere,
  • resistant to water and dirt,
  • lining: textual lining,
  • removable antibacterial cartridge
  • closing on the seezing allows you to quickly take off and
  • sole of 100% natural rubber,
  • wide front for fingers

Suitable for: narrow to normal wide leg, narrow ankles

Not suitable– for very wide feet with a high plan.

Froddo barefoot footwear for children

Extremely lightweight, airy and comfortable shoes with a sole made of 100% natural rubber.

Barefoot children’s shoes Froddo ankles pink 20-37s are exceptional flexible shoes– which mimic barefoot walking. The wider front of the toe ensures the stability of the feet while walking and promotes the natural and healthy development of children’s feet. They have a level of removable antibacterial leather cartridge. The 6mm thin sole allows children to feel the ground under their feet. Natural leather lining for air and comfort. Specially selected, soft and superior natural leather certified European suppliers.

Basic function Froddo barefoot footwear

The minimalist design of the Froddo barefoot shoe is designed as a comprehensive connection with nature, based on the basic function of shoes, which protects the foot from external influences, damage and weather conditions. Caring for children’s feet and environmental protection are the primary objectives in Froddo’s factory. They only choose the best certified materials – Froddo shoes are made by hand in Croatia. Working conditions in production comply with the highest environmental social standards and production processes are controlled at all stages.

Maintenance Froddo leather barefoot Froddo ankles cognac 20-37

Froddo ankles pink 20-37 shoes are made entirely of natural leather, so they need to be cared for in a way that is usually the case with leather footwear with a few exceptions:

-It is not recommended to wash shoes in the washing machine due to excessively long washing cycles, which usually last longer than 1h, the leather is soaked in water for too long, which can result in shrinkage when drying and increase the risk of discoloration in contact with water.

-Leather shoes can be cleaned with a damp cloth and then dry naturally, away from a direct source of heat or sunlight. Proper drying can prevent damage to materials, drying and cracking.

-Do not use bleach, detergents, deuttered or solvent-based solutions to clean your shoes.

-After cleaning, impregnation is recommended as this can protect your shoes from water intrusion, restore flexibility and softness, and refresh the colour. Use only products intended for leather care and protection only.

-exposure to strong sun rays or incorrect care may result in a change in colour on the leather.

We are not responsible for any damage that may result from failure to comply with the above instructions or inappropriate use.

For any further information, please contact us via the online form here.

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