Tikki VIBE Onyx – women’s leather sandals

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Tikki VIBE Onyx – women’s leather sandals:

  • Upper part of tanned leather,
  • Chrome-free lining,
  • Quick-drying microfiber insert,
  • Flexible 6 mm Vibram sole, Supernewflex rubber
  • Extremely light – about 253 g.

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Product description

Tikki VIBE Onyx – women’s leather sandals

Tikki VIBE Onyx – women’s leather sandals are made of:

  • Upper part of tanned leather,
  • Chrome-free lining,
  • Quick-drying microfiber insert,
  • Flexible 6 mm Vibram sole, Supernewflex rubber
  • Extremely light – about 253 g.

As you already know, Tikki shoes are very proud to pour their passion into making the cutest and healthiest barefoot sandals not only for the youngest, but also for their mothers / aunts / grandmothers. Made in Romania, from top quality materials, handmade, our barefoot walking sandals give you all the freedom and lightness at every step.


Warm days and time for Tikki VIBE Onyx sandals is finally here!

Reconnect with nature and feel free with Tikki VIBE sandals, as light and comfortable as any pair of Tikki shoes. In addition to complete comfort, the VIBE collection brings you cheerful colors that give you extra energy just by looking at them!

Tikki VIBE, always renewed and improved, are barefoot sandals that you will love the first time you wear them. Order them in your favorite colors and they will easily match any chosen outfit. Take them for a walk and enjoy the sun!

Tikki VIBTE Onyx – women’s sandals with ultra flexible 6 mm Vibram sole in combination with chrome-free lining ensure a safe and delicate touch at every step. Chrome-free lining, the main feature of Tikki® Shoes, protects the skin from absorbing toxic substances that are commonly found in normal footwear.

Tikki VIBE Onyx – women’s sandals are pleasant to the touch. As proof that they are made by hand, however, is their unique appearance and small specialties.

Tikki VIBE Onyx – women’s sandals are suitable for both narrow and wide feet. Thanks to the upper waistband and the waist around the ankles, they can adapt well to different foot shapes.

Choosing too many sizes: The manufacturer recommends choosing a size 0.5 to 1 cm longer than your foot for VIBE sandals. When you receive them and put them on for the first time, you need to adjust them well with the belts to make them fit your feet well.


Tikki shoes are made entirely of natural leather, so they should be taken care of like leather footwear. We would like to emphasize a few things:

  • Tikki VIBE Onyx – women’s sandals should not be washed in the washing machine!
  • Due to the rather long washing cycles, which usually exceed one hour, the leather is immersed in water for too long, which can cause it to peel and shrink when dried. In addition, contact with water increases the risk of discoloration.
  • Leather shoes should only be cleaned with leather care products.
  • If Tikki shoes get wet, they should be dried slowly and only at room temperature: avoid drying shoes in addition to heat sources (such as radiator, stove, fan, fire, hair dryer or other heat sources or exposing shoes to direct sunlight), which would destroy the leather and cause peeling on its surface.
  • Do not use bleach, detergents or solvent-based solutions to clean Tikki VIBE women’s sandals.
  • Tikki footwear is not waterproof, so we recommend using it in dry weather. The sole and the outside of the footwear must not come into contact with water, snow, sand, gravel, solvents, tar, soft bitumen or other corrosive materials. Avoid contact of shoes with sharp metal objects, stones, glass fragments, oil, fuel and thinner.

You can contact us here for more information.

You can read more about Tikki shoes on their website here.


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